All Natural Self Care

Self care is something we’re passionate about here at Dr. Hempworth’s. It is important to fill your own reserves so you can reach your potential and be your best self for others.

Our Instagram page @drhempworths is all about creating a community to share tips and motivation for natural self care practices. Follow along and share your thoughts and ideas as you learn more about yourself.

Self care is critical to emotional and physical health. While self care seems like a simple concept, it is something that we often neglect. Treating your body and mind with kindness, and making time for the things that nurture, will not only reduce stress and anxiety, it will also help foster healthy relationships with those around you. When you practice self care, you become healthier, more productive, more patient, and more able to support your community.

Our CBD products were created with self care in mind. Finding physical and emotional balance can be difficult in this stressful, distracting and complex world. CBD is a great aid for naturally achieving balance so you can move forward with a better perspective. We hope that you love our products as much as we do, and take a moment to practice a little self care with CBD!

  • Carve out some time with a friend
  • Enjoy your favorite treat, guilt free
  • Declutter a room in your home
  • Read a favorite book
  • Get cozy with your favorite blanket
  • Take a walk in nature
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  • Take time to rest
  • Allow yourself to receive love from others

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